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If you have any question, please contact us at email : phone : 021-29071088 BBM: 5BB939DE HP/WA: 081389040728/083871516816


Can I Place an order through telephone?
Yes, we would be glad to assist you, our number is +(62)-21-29071088. Or you can also send a fax to +(62)-21-29071087.

What happen if there were a price change just after I ordered and paid?
Prices listed in is fixed and buyer will not experience price change.

Has the shipping cost already been included in the listed price?
Not yet, there will be a list of shipping cost depending on where the shipment will be made.

How to calculate the shipping rate?
The shipping rate is calculated based on the destination. The list of the rate are available on the Shipping Page or on the check out area when you will be ask for the shipping information. We are using TIKI or JNE expedition service.

How to track the shipping?
We will provide you with a tracking number and you can access them from the shipping company’s website.
The website for TIKI is :
The website for JNE is :

If the item is not available or suddenly out of stock after I paid, what will happen?
We are always taking orders and delivering them in the priority to the customer who makes the payment first.
If we are out of stock, we offer the customer two option, the first option will be to wait until they are available, and the secondly, customer can always request for a refund and we will refund the money 100%.

Can I order online for the item that is available in the store but not listed in
Only the items listed in can be ordered online, however, you are more than welcome to give us a call and we will be assisting you from our office.


Which goes first? My shipping or my payment?
In, we prefer that customers makes an advance payment, and as soon as the payment are received, the item will be shipped out.

Can I pay by cheque?
Yes, the item will be shipped out as soon as the cheque is cleared.

Is it possible to just make a deposit and pay the full amount after the items are received?
We are still not able to take such transaction because it will confuse the administration.

How long should I make the payment from the day I order?
As soon as possible, we will ship the item out as soon as we received the payment. To make a confirmation, please call us at +(62)-21-29071088 or email us at


Is it save to have my item shipped to my address?
We are using a professional shipping service, and we will check the condition of your order and the packing before we ship it out.

Will the item break if shipped outside Jakarta?
No, with years of experience, shipping out to another islands, and continents is a daily routines.

How long will the shipping take?
Inside the city of Jakarta, it usually takes 2 working days. For other cities, it will depend on the location, and we will let you know the estimation.

In order to provide a better service to you, our customer, we would appreciate your call letting us know that you have already received your order.

Thank you.

If you have any question, please contact us at email : phone : 021-29071088 BBM: 5BB939DE HP/WA: 081389040728/083871516816