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CD Baby Brain Development ( 5 CD )

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Rp. 250.000

Product Description :

Berst Iq Builder


1 Movement 1 from Brandenburg Concerto #2-Bach

2 Rondo from Eine Kleine Nacht Musik-Mozart

3 Allegro from spring of The Four Seasons-Vivaldi

4 Romance from Horn Concerto-MOzart

5 Air in G minor-Handel

6 Largo from Piano Concerto in f Major-Bach

7 Andante from Wind Quintet in E at Major-Beethoven

8 Andante from Symphony#31-Mozart

9 Fur Elise- Beethoven

10 Scene by the Brook from Symphony#6-Beethoven


Nature Experience

1 Nature's Sunrise Symphony

2 Morning Bird Melody

3 Meadow Walk!

4 Strolling the Mystic Shore

5 Our First Thunder

6 Sounds in the Jungle

7 Rainy Days and Happy Flowers

8 Waiting the Storm Out

9 Sea Sounds & Seagulls

10 Listen to the Forest

11 Simple Gifts Naturally

12 Nature's Sunset Symphony

Brain Power


1.Movement 1 excerpt from Symphony#5-Beethoven

2.Arrival of the Queen of Sheba-Handel

3.Presto from of Symphony #22-Haydn

4.Allegro Assai From Piano Concerto#23-W.A.Mozart

5.Allegro From Brandenvurg Concerto #3-Bach

6.Spring from The Four Seasons-Vivaldi

7.Recorder Suite in A Minor-Telemann

8.Rondo from Eine Kleine Nacht Musik-W.A Mozart

9.Rondo From Piano Concerto #11-Haydn

10.Allegro from Trumpet Concerto in d Major-Leopold Mozart

11.Allegro Assai from Brandenburg Concerto#2-Bach

12.Concerto Grosso Op.6,#4-Corelli


Breakfast With Bach


1 Awake...from Chorale Var.BWV 140 arr by G.Bantock

2 Mvmt.1 from Brandenburg Concerto#3

3 Allegro Assai from  Concerto in F Major

4 Allegro from Italian Concerto

5 Minuet Nos.1&2;Passepied Nos.1&2 from Suite#1 in C  Maj 7

6 Prelude in D Major

7 Allegro from Concerto in C minor

8 A taste of the Coffee Cantata

9 Allegro from Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord in E - at Major

10 Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto#6

11 Allegro from Piano Concerto in D Major

Classical Baby


1.Pachebel's Canon

2.Fur Elise

3.Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto #2

4.Andante from Symphony #31

5.Brahms Waltz #15 in A flat Major

6.Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto #3

7.Nocturne from A Midsummer Night's Dream

8.Allgro from Spring/The Four Seasons

9.Andantino from Trout Quintet

10.Moonlight Sonata


If you have any question, please contact us at email : phone : 021-29071088 BBM: 5BB939DE HP/WA: 081389040728/083871516816